Baus Nishikasai Seishincho

A town in harmony with lush greenery and open views of water. Large-scale condominiums with a total of 212 residential units are now going up in the town, once chosen as one of the 100 Best Townscapes.

Computer renderings
※The computer renderings on this web site are drawn from blueprints at the planning stage, and the shapes and colors of the buildings and the planting design may differ from the actual ones. Form details, equipment, etc. are not displayed. The landscaping shown is rendered based on a projection of how the trees and vegetation will look during the initial growth period. Please be advised that positions, heights and numbers, etc. may differ depending on construction circumstances or due to improvement.
Model Units now Open
“Baus Nishikasai Seishincho” Overall Development Overview
●Access: a 14-minute walk from “Nishikasai” station on the Tokyo Metro Subway Tozai Line, a 4-minute ride from “Nishikasai” station by Toei Bus bound for “Nishikasai Eki Mae,” and a 3-minute walk from “Seishincho 2-chome” bus stop
●Total units: 214 (including one nursing home and one daycare center (scheduled) in addition to an administration office)
●Structure, Floors: Reinforced concrete construction / 11 floors above ground
●Scheduled to be completed: Mid-April, 2020 (scheduled)
●Scheduled move-in: Toward the end of May, 2020
● Overview of units for sale during the second stage: Number of units for sale: TBD / Expected price range: 46 million yen -79 million yen / Expected price range into which the largest number of units falls: 52 million yen level / Floor plan: two - four bedroom units / Floor size: 63.47m2 - 85.59m2 / Balcony size: 4.16m2 - 20.70m2 / Management fees, etc. (monthly): TBD
●Sales scheduled to start: Beginning of August, 2019


Condominiums accommodating 212 families. Two residential buildings facing the south and the east enjoy plenty of sunshine. The spacious building layout offers incredibly bright and open views. A pleasant day starts right here in a rich natural setting featuring lush greenery and a serene waterside.


We are going to introduce a sharing economy system in which residents can share cars, electric bikes, outdoor gear, sporting goods, etc. with each other. We offer a variety of ideas to enrich the day-to-day living of residents.


Seishincho is a town created as part of the “Kasai Offshore Development Project” that started in 1972. It has the largest park area in the 23 wards of Tokyo and in 1991 was chosen as one of the 100 Best Townscapes in the Townscape Awards. Beautiful scenery with lush greenery features throughout the town.


※Floor plans on this web site are drawn based on blueprints at the planning stage. Please be advised that they may differ depending on construction circumstances.

Direct access to downtown districts via JR and Tokyo Metro Subway.
The site is conveniently located close to two stations on two different lines.

14 minutes to Otemachi from “Nishikasai” station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, and 13 minutes to Tokyo station from “Kasai Rinkai Koen” station on the JR Keiyo Line. It also has easy access to the Shinkansen and others. The two stations of the two lines which have direct access to the heart of Tokyo will make communing easy and pleasant.

※The estimated times above does not include the time to transfer or wait for trains. It may vary during the rush hour, etc. ※The bus travel time is estimated assuming departure at 12:00 midday. ※The required time may vary based on traffic conditions. Please use it as a reference. ※The provided information is as of September 2018 and May 2019.


A 4-minute bus ride to Nishikasai station.
Buses come every five minutes during rush hours.

Highly convenient bus services connect the site with Nishikasai station in four minutes. The closest two bus stops are located just three minutes on foot from the residence. There are bus services every five minutes during rush hours and there is hardly any waiting time.




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